what is Knowlii?

Knowlii is a travel app that uses technology to connect people, it connects users to local experts, live…

Local knowledge exchanged from people to people in real-time, to help you find where to go...

Hey! where can i go?
I know the perfect place!

How does it work?

Ever been in a city for the first time and wished you had a friend there?

Knowlii uses technology to connect you to local experts

Simply send out your request asking where to go

Yes, always!
Hello, I'm your wizard!

Choose your favorite wizard and start a private chat

Receive personal recommendations from your wizard

Then simply rate and tip based on the quality of information you have been given

How can i help you?
Great! seems easy

We're extending the Free Summer

So its Free?

We'll alert you when the free time is over

After that the minimum tip is only $1.5 per chat

You can rate and tip your wizards however much you like though! ;)

Thank you!