Have you ever been in a new city for the first time and simply wished you knew somebody who lived there or had a friend who could show you the best places to go to?

THAT'S the problem Knowlii is solving.. For today you can actually search and find information on the best restaurants in town using Trip Advisor for example. But can you trust those reviews and ratings?

You can actually search on Google for the top bars in the city, but do you want to receive 14,000,000 results for your search, or for the information to be ordered how Google like to order it?

Also, do you want to spend 20 minutes scrolling through apps like Yelp or travel guides and blogs trying to find the best sushi in the city?


Today, we want to speak to a PERSON, and receive personalised information in REAL-TIME.

Somebody who will work for you to find and recommend the best possible place for you to go to right there and then.

Local knowledge exchanged from people to people, live…

Much like a Human Search Engine...

This is the meaning behind our logo…. H.I (Human Intelligence), instead of A.I...