What is Knowlii?

Knowlii is a new and revolutionary travel app that connects users to local experts (wizards) live and in real time through a private chat.

Users then rate and tip their wizard, based on the quality of the information / recommendations they receive.

How do I get the mobile app for my phone?

You can easily download it for free from the App store or Google Play. Simply enter "Knowlii" in your search.

Can I log in via desktop?

Absolutely! Knowlii is available in 3 versions:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

Is the mobile app secure?

The app is 100% secure and all information protected. Knowlii uses Stripe as a third party online payment management system as an extra security measure.

What features does the app have?

The app allows you to connect in real time with local experts (wizards) who will send you the best recommendations of where to go. The app is linked via API connections to Google Places, Google Maps and Uber so that you can easily situate where you need to go, research and look in to the recommended venue, and even call an Uber there!

Knowlii also allows you to favourite your wizard, ensuring you reconnect instantaneously.

Does it cost anything to use the app?

No! Knowlii is absolutely free to download and once you become a user, the min tip is just $1.5 per chat!

Why do you need my credit card info?

We simply need this information to be able to take payments (tips) for Knowlii´s wizards. We charge just like Uber – only once the chat has ended and the user is happy with the recommendations given!

How can I trust the information provided by the wizards?

Wizards are reviewed and rated based on their expertise in each category (bars, restaurants etc). They are experts in their field so we know they give excellent advice and only the best recommendations based on their expertise and knowledge. Plus, the better advice they give, the better the rating and tip they receive!

Have logged in as a user but how do I become a wizard?

Knowlii is always looking for more wizards. Simply click on Become a Wizard and follow the simple 3-step process.

How much money can I earn as a wizard?

The sky is the limit! Wizards are tipped $1.5 minimum per chat so with multiple chats per hour, day, week etc. that could translate into a fantastic extra income each month! And its fun too!

As a user, how many recommendations do I get per tip?

There is no limit to the amount of recommendations you can receive within the chat! Once you are happy, simply End Chat, then rate and tip your wizard accordingly.

I am travelling to London next month but want to plan my journey now and make reservations- is that possible?

Absolutely! You are given several options of "when" you would like to go to your chosen place ie now, next week, next month or simply enter a date of your choice.

Is Knowlii available in New York and Paris?

It will be very soon! Launching first in London, we will be launching thereafter in all major cities worldwide.

I have children and need to find out childcare services does Knowlii provide this?

Of course! Wizards will be able to search for child friendly bars restaurants etc. In phase 2 of the app, we will have a designated category for childcare....